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Watershed Implementation May Effect Horse Owners!

Subject: Important meeting relevant to the equine committee

The Agricultural Best Management Practices Technical Advisory Committee of The Department of Conservation and Recreation will be meeting on July 9th at the Department of Forestry Building, 900 Natural Resource Drive, Charlottesville at 10:00 am.  One of the agenda items will be a presentation relating to local stocking rates for equines as they currently stand in Virginia and other states.  This subject is of particular interest to the equine community as we do not currently have a uniform stocking rate for the state.  Establishment of stocking rates can have a significant impact upon individual equine operations.   We urge members of the equine community to attend this meeting to hear the information presented.  For additional information see the attached fact sheet and infographic.

Info Graphic Sheet

The Commonwealth of Virginia Draft Chesapeake Bay TMLD Phase III Watershed Implementation Plan has been released

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