The Virginia Horse Council is your voice for the expanding equine industry in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Council is a not-for-profit organization formed by horsemen for Virginia horsemen. The membership and Board of Directors represent all breeds. The purpose of the Virginia Horse Council is to promote and improve the horse industry in Virginia.

Our mission is to serve as the umbrella organization of the Virginia equine community and to serve as the lobbyist on issues affecting, horsemen, horsewomen and horses in the Commonwealth. This is a mission that your Virginia Horse Council Board of Directors takes seriously and is both committed to following and is dedicated to fulfilling.


We at the Virginia Horse Council would like to send a special “Thank You” to The Meadow Event Park for a wonderfully fun and productive Virginia Horse Festival!  Even though the weather did not always  cooperate, the many dedicated equestrians and horse lovers of all ages still turned out in large numbers to see the many events, clinics and demos.  Our Horse Council booth was often so crowded, people were spilling out into the aisle!  Thanks to everyone that stopped by and showed their support by joining our membership or just expressing support for what we do!

As well, the New Horse Owner’s Certification Course was a huge success and plans are in the works to take this on the road.  More details on that will be forthcoming soon!

The Virginia Horse Council looks forward to next year’s Horse Festival with great anticipation!

RideAlert  Member Benefit Continues for 2015!


The VHC introduced an exciting one-time member benefit in 2013 that continues for 2015- all active members, who have not previously received a RideAlert bracelet and are interested, will receive at no cost a RideAlert “Visible Identification for People” bracelet. This is a $24.99 value”
rider safety, Ride Alert Ride Alert
In the event of an emergency, those first on the scene will see the rider’s visible RideAlert wristband and call the RideAlert 24/7 Incident Response Center using the Incident Number clearly displayed on the wristband. The Incident Response Center will request the wristbands Unique ID to identify the person in question so as to relay any appropriate medical information to those on the scene.They also contact the member’s next-of-kin and family with details of the incident, the caller’s name and phone contact details and anything else that helps the members and family to be reunited. Our members will receive a one year’s free subscription to this great service, and will have the option of renewing directly with RideAlert if they wish.
Members who would like to receive a bracelet for this service need to contact the VHC via email at info@virginiahorsecouncil.org, indicating their interest. A packet with a bracelet and full RideAlert instructions will be mailed out to all interested VHC members who have not previously received one.
If you are interested in receiving the RideAlert membership benefit, please get your membership to the VHC right away!

Please click below for more information on this membership benefit!


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