The Virginia Horse Council is your voice for the expanding equine industry in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Council is a not-for-profit organization formed by horsemen for Virginia horsemen. The membership and Board of Directors represent all breeds. The purpose of the Virginia Horse Council is to promote and improve the horse industry in Virginia.

Our mission is to serve as the umbrella organization of the Virginia equine community and to serve as the lobbyist on issues affecting, horsemen, horsewomen and horses in the Commonwealth.

The vision of the Virginia Horse Council (VHC) is to be recognized as a leader in providing broad representation to all facets of the equine industry before the Virginia General Assembly and Congress.  The VHC collaborates with other areas of the agricultural community and helps facilitate communications between members of the equine industry and state and federal agencies.  The VHC aspires to keeps Virginia horsemen informed of regulations and pending legislation they may impact them, and to provide educational opportunities that further enhance the industry.

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The horse world enjoys generations of tradition and history, but with the weight of these years also comes an abundance of conflicting opinions when it comes to equine care and management. To provide science-based guidance on topics and questions of interest to anyone involved with horses or the horse industry, The Virginia Horse Council Foundation, along with Virginia Tech and the Virginia Horse Industry Board, are holding a free Equine Education Seminar Series at the Virginia Horse Festival on April 2nd. Industry experts will present the latest information on equine nutrition, vaccination, hoof care, toxic pasture plants, legal aspects of horse ownership, and equine acupuncture.
The Equine Education Seminar Series is a progression from and expansion upon the immensely successful New Horse Owner Certification Series held at the Virginia Horse Festival in 2015. This year, the topics and level of information will hold something new for everybody, from first-time owners to seasoned industry veterans.
Participants who attend three or more of the six available classes will receive membership in the Virginia Horse Council for 2016, a tote bag with educational materials, and an invitation to the VHC meeting and luncheon on April 2nd. Participation in the seminar series is free for anyone with tickets to the Virginia Horse Festival. For more information and to register for the VHC Annual Meeting and Luncheon, please visit our
Rides and Specialty Events Page

Seminar speakers and event organizers encourage anyone involved in the horse industry to attend.
For a printable version of the flyer below, please CLICK HERE.   Visit www.virginiahorsefestival.com for more information!


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RideAlert  Member Benefit Continues for 2015!

The VHC introduced an exciting one-time member benefit in 2013 that continues for 2015- all active members, who have not previously received a RideAlert bracelet and are interested, will receive at no cost a RideAlert “Visible Identification for People” bracelet. This is a $24.99 value”
rider safety, Ride Alert Ride Alert

In the event of an emergency, those first on the scene will see the rider’s visible RideAlert wristband and call the RideAlert 24/7 Incident Response Center using the Incident Number clearly displayed on the wristband. The Incident Response Center will request the wristbands Unique ID to identify the person in question so as to relay any appropriate medical information to those on the scene.They also contact the member’s next-of-kin and family with details of the incident, the caller’s name and phone contact details and anything else that helps the members and family to be reunited. Our members will receive a one year’s free subscription to this great service, and will have the option of renewing directly with RideAlert if they wish.

Members who would like to receive a bracelet for this service need to contact the VHC via email at info@virginiahorsecouncil.org, indicating their interest. A packet with a bracelet and full RideAlert instructions will be mailed out to all interested VHC members who have not previously received one.

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