Virginia Horse Council Membership Benefits

 The Virginia Horse Council is the advocate for the expanding Virginia horse industry. The Council is a non-profit organization formed by Virginia Horsemen for Virginia horsemen. The membership and the Board of Directors represent all breed groups and disciplines in Virginia.

Through its volunteer Board of Directors, the Virginia Horse Council has been the driving force behind:

  • Equine Liability Legislation
  • The Virginia Horse Center
  • Pari-Mutuel Horse Racing
  • The VA Equine Economic Impact Study
  • The Horse as an Agricultural Animal
  • Trail Development on State & Federal Land
  • Statewide Equine Educational Seminars
  • The Virginia Horse Industry Board
  • Positive Relationships with the General Assembly and State Government Offices
  • Links with National Horse Councils
  • Equine Feed Check-off Assessment

The Council is a not-for-profit organization. The purpose of the VHC is to promote and improve the horse industry in Virginia. Our mission is to serve as the umbrella organization for the Virginia equine community and to serve as the lobbyist on issues affecting horsemen, horsewomen, and horses in the Commonwealth. This is a mission that your VHC Board of Directors takes seriously and is both committed to following and dedicated to fulfilling.

Join the Virginia Horse Council and get involved in the Commonwealth’s horse industry. The VHC has a variety of committees that it depends on to accomplish its goals and service to the industry. The VHC is always looking for volunteers who are interested in serving on these committees, which include: Communications, Education, Issues, Legislative Reception and Legislative Trail Ride, Membership, Sponsorship, Youth and Trails Development.

We greatly appreciate appreciate volunteers offering their service and interest on their membership forms.  If you would like to volunteer for a committee or have other talents you think would benefit the Horse Council, please indicate your interest in the “Notes” area of the checkout process if you register online, email us, or indicate your interest in the downloaded-able form when you fill out the form to mail back to us.

The VHC offers the following types of memberships:


• Youth Membership

• Individual Membership

• Individual Membership with In-excess Insurance Coverage

• Family Membership

• Family Membership with In-excess Insurance Coverage

• Commercial/Business/Farm

• Equine Group or Association (less than 100 members)

• Equine Group or Association (more than 100 members)

• Lifetime Membership

Don’t forget to check out our many sponsorship opportunities, all which come with a year’s membership!
Joining the Virginia Horse Council will also bring you personal benefits!  VHC members enjoy discounts to major retailers and other useful companies, and the option to purchase In Excess Liability Insurance at a greatly discounted rate.  


The Virginia Horse Council offers our members access to the Association Resource Group.  As a member of ARG, you have automatic benefits. Besides offering you access to insurance products from Equisure, you also have access to discounts from a wide variety of major retailers. To learn about these great discounts, visit our website at and click on the “Member Benefits” tab. Once on our member benefit page, you can click on the various benefits to access the ARG members-only discounts. Below is a quick guide to your member benefits.

 ARG Benefits


The VHC has established an Excess Liability Insurance Program with Equisure, Inc., that offers you—as a Horse Council member– liability coverage in the amount of $1 million for your horse-related activities. This coverage is optional and is made available to you at a very reasonable cost.

The cost of the policy per annual membership is relatively low and, if an equine-related incident occurred, this insurance would help to protect you or anyone riding your horse up to the $1 million policy amount. Annual cost of the policy is $25 for individuals and $45 for families. If you decide to purchase the insurance coverage, this fee is in addition to your regular VHC membership dues.  You may choose to add that option to your membership by going to the “Join Today” tab and choosing “Membership and Advertising Opportunities.”  Simply click on the insurance button and add the appropriate one to your shopping cart.

For more information on the Excess Liability Insurance Program, please click here:

 ARG FAQ Regarding In Excess Liability Insurance


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Special Membership Price of $15.00 to the American Horse Council for all Virginia Horse Council Members.  For more information, please CLICK HERE.

To join the Virginia Horse Council, please click on the “Join Today” tab and choose an option!