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For the past several weeks those of us in the equine industry have been inundated with information and misinformation with respect to the which was to have taken effect on December 18th. Most of us were caught flat footed by this regulation which will impact all those engaged in the transportation of livestock. The VHC has been working with the American Horse Council, as well as other livestock groups in an attempt to separate fact from fiction. We have also been in touch with our legislators at the federal level to discuss the issue. In an attempt to clarify this issue and provide education to their stakeholders the American Horse Council has put together two brochures – one which explains CDL rules and the second which explains the ELD mandate. These brochures are factual and a fair representation of the situation as it now stands. For the time being a three-month extension has been put in place to delay the implementation of the ELD mandate. All livestock groups are requesting an additional extension of time to implement the mandate and a review of the regulations with respect to their impact on the livestock industry in the hope that agricultural exemptions can be included in the regulations. Make no mistake these rules could potentially impact many of those engaged in equine competitions. The VHC will keep you updated as events unfold. In the meantime, we would ask that you contact your federal representative and ask for an additional extension of time to implement the mandate and also ask that agricultural exemptions be considered as a part of the mandate.

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