As a responsible horse owner or handler you will need to keep you self updated on horse care information and basic guidelines to ensure your horse lives a long, happy life. Almost all horses will require a certain level of winterizing, stall cleanliness, vaccinations and several other items. We have provided links to general horse care tips we hope will help.
The eXtension website provides objective and research-based information and learning opportunities that help people improve their lives. eXtension is an educational partnership of 74 Universities in the United States.
“This is a phenomenal site. It contains information based on equine research and all answers and modules are thoroughly peer reviewed. eXtension has youth info, great learning modules for all levels and you can write in to ask an expert any question. Responses are relatively quick and the answers will not be someone’s opinion.”

Celeste C. Crisman
Extension Equine Specialist – Youth
Dept of Animal & Poultry Sciences
Virginia Tech